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Thomasina Miers

presenter • chef • writer

Thomasina Miers
Thomasina Miers

Tommi learnt to cook at her mother's side, from the age of six. She attended Ballymaloe Cookery School in East Cork and then onto a cheese farm called Gubben in Schull, West Cork where she made and sold pasta, sauces and sourdough breads at farmers markets around the county. That set her on her path in food and lead to her managing a large deli in London and then on to Mexico where she opened a cocktail bar. The diversity of the ingredients and the quality of the food there had caught her attention during her gap and this time she travelled around the country, soaking up the the different regions and their food. 

Once home, she took part in Masterchef, which she subsequently won, leading her to work at Petersham Nurseries under the watchful eye of Skye Gyngell. A year later, in 2006, she was introduced to her business partner, Mark Selby and after several research trips to Mexico, Wahaca was born; inspired by the street food and food markets of Mexico.

Tommi has written weekly columns for the Times, Country Life and the Guardian. She has presented several TV programmes for Channel4 and Channel 5 and has written 7 cookery books.