'The Ravenmaster' is released in the US and Canada today!

The Tower of London's Ravenmaster, Chris Skaife, released his new book 'The Ravenmaster' in the US and Canada, today. So go and get yourself a copy! It's a truly fascinating read...the rave reviews say it all!

‘A born storyteller with a gift for banter honed by years in the British army, Skaife has written a book that is far from a dry monograph about the species … [it is] a beguiling, fascinating, and highly amusing account of the strangely magical birds. He is making us love them in a way that makes them more than mere symbols’ Helen Macdonald, author of H is for Hawk, Atlantic

‘A strange, wise and fascinating book that takes you deep into the interwoven myth and history of the raven. At a time when we're thinking more than ever about tradition and identity, this is a book that feels both urgent and timeless, with the Ravenmaster himself an eccentric, genial and quintessentially British narrator’ Alex Preston, author of When Kingfishers Catch Fire

‘Balancing fascinating tidbits (a raven’s need for order and routine) with macabre details (blood-soaked dog biscuits and ghostly sightings), [Skaife] titillates as he educates, rehabilitating the gloomy reputation of the raven. Skaife’s conversational style and disarming candor make this a rollicking tale fit for nearly any armchair adventurer’ Publisher's Weekly

‘This is an utterly fascinating book about one of those subjects you never thought you’d be interested in until, well, you were . . . Skaife is a very good storyteller . . . A splendid and constantly surprising book’ Booklist

"For those seeking the secrets of the Tower of London without actually being imprisoned there, this is just the thing’ Kirkus

‘A delightful read from a masterful―and very funny―storyteller’ Jennifer Ackerman, author of the New York Times bestselling The Genius of Birds

"Skaife is both a raven master and a master storyteller. Compulsively readable―I devoured the book in a single sitting!" Lindsey Fitzharris, author of The Butchering Art

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