Big Heads on ITV!

Caricaturist and historian Adrian Teal is the designer behind a new primetime weekend gameshow for ITV.

In each episode of ‘Big Heads,’ twelve ordinary members of the public are transformed into famous people by donning big unwieldy, rubber celebrity heads. Once transformed these Big Heads face one another in a series of over-the-top, physical, cartoonish games, all in front of a live arena audience.

Big Heads is produced by Primal Media, and billed as ''It’s A Knockout” meets “Spitting Image”.

Adrian, who was tutored by the caricaturists at Spitting Image when he was a child, was delighted to be asked to mastermind the look of the celebrity heads: “I was involved at every stage of their production, from drawing the original caricatures, to consulting on the sculpting, and even advising on colouring up, hair, and make-up. It has been a caricaturist’s dream, really, and what you see on screen will be my vision of how these things should look.”

Big Heads begins its run on ITV at 7pm on 23rd April, 2017.

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