Journey Down the Yukon - A Soldier's Challenge

Journey Down the Yukon - A Soldier’s Challenge

Don’t miss the amazing ‘Journey Down the Yukon - A Soldier’s Challenge’, tomorrow on BBC2 at 7pm with Mike Dilger and Ben Parkinson.

Nine years after being blown up in Afghanistan, Ben Parkinson, one of Britain's most wounded soldiers, takes on a mission to canoe down Canada’s Yukon River, which is among the world’s most remote river systems.

Ben had both legs amputated and was left with a sever brain injury after the explosion in 2006, with medical staff warning his family that he may never walk or talk again. However, Ben is defying the odds by taking on the expedition with Mike Dilger, where all that stands in his way are bears, wolves, rapids - and the battle with his own damaged and broken body.

Watch Ben’s next challenge tomorrow, where along with presenter Mike Dilger and other wounded veterans, he will canoe 250 miles and endure a week of wild camping. See him plough through fast-flowing, glacial currents on the anniversary of his ‘survival day’.

This is a truly inspirational and emotional watch, definitely not one to be missed.

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