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As a little girl, Lindsey would drag her grandmother from cemetery to cemetery hunting ghosts. Some might say she was always obsessed with death, but she was simply fascinated with the past, and specifically with the people who lived in the past. 


Driven by that passion, Lindsey went to Oxford University and received a PhD in the History of Science, Medicine & Technology. Upon completion, she was granted one of two prestigious research fellowships from the Wellcome Trust (GSK Pharmaceuticals) to conduct historical research at the University of London. Over the course of her academic career, Lindsey has received over £200,000 in awards and scholarships. 


For Lindsey, however, the past doesn’t just belong to academics and scholars. With that in mind, she began a website called 'The Chirurgeon’s Apprentice' as a way of reaching out to a broader public about the history of pre-anaesthetic surgery. Through it, she explores all kinds of subjects, from body-snatchers, to books bound in human skin and plague villages in the 17th century. To date, the site boasts over 500,000 views, and has 20,000 subscribers around the world. In 2011, it was named ‘Best Individual Blog’ by the American Historical Association and has since been mentioned by Scientific American, National Geographic and Wired Magazine. 


 Lindsey has teamed up with Chris Skaife who is the current Raven Master (Yeoman Warder) at the Tower of London. Together they have combined their expertise and created the very popular 'Grave Matters, digging up the dead' website. Lindsey has an avid and varied array of fans which follow the ‘Gruesome Twosome’ through crimes and punishment, executions and morbid medical facts. Chris and Lindsey teamed up with the talented Cartoonist Adrian Teal, to create a comic strip called the Hung and Drawn Quarterly which takes Chris and Lindsey though the gruesome side of history.


In addition to this, Lindsey is also a regular contributor to The Lancet, The Guardian, New Scientist, The Huffington Post and Medium; and has appeared on Channel 4 UK, BBC 4 and National Geographic.


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