In nearly three decades of producing and presenting wildlife films for television, naturalist and adventurer Nigel Marven has swum with sharks and wrested with alligators. He's slithered with snakes, crawled with insects, donated his own bloody to mosquito's, leeches and giant kissing bugs in the twin interests of science and TV entertainment! Nigel has travelled to around 100 countries on all continents, and filmed a whole array of species of mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and insects. He's made many appearances on US chat shows - freaking out Conon O'Brien by handling a deadly king cobra in the studio - and in the UK is a regular guest on panel show The Wright Stuff as well as breakfast and prime time chat shows. He's even been back in time millions of years to walk with dinosaurs in ITV's hit PREHISTORIC PARK!

Nigels film making career began with a ten-year production stint with the BBC's worlds-renowned Natural History Unit. Nigel produced and directed more than a dozen shows including migration series INCREDIBLE JOURNEYS, and an episode in Sir David Attenborough's blockbuster LIFE OF BIRDS. In 1998, Nigel was offered a job by ITV in front of the camera. Making his screen debut on GIANTS by crawling into an aardvark burrow in search of a giant python. Nigel was an instant hit with his knowledgeable and enthusiastic style and he was soon presenting Discovery's SHARK WEEK in the US.

2001 saw him set up his own production company, Image Impact, making shows such as the one-off specials ANACONDAS, PIRANHAS, BULL SHARKS and UGLY ANIMALS. More recently series like PENGUIN SAFARI, POLAR BEAR WEEK, UNTAMED CHINA, WILD COLUMBIA and WHALE ADVENTURE have all been a great success in the UK and around the globe.

Nigel says the most exciting moment in his career came in India: spotting the Indian one-horned rhinoceros - one of the world's most endangered species. "And seeing my first green anaconda in Venezuela. They're 5m long - you feel for them in the mud with your toes".

His most recent series is an excitingly novel twist on the wildlife documentary. CRUISE SHIP ADVENTURES is a mix of travel, adventure and wildlife that highlights spectacular wildlife around the world's most famous cruise destinations. Also showing now in the UK and around the world is a second season of the thrilling globetrotting series: TEN DEADLIEST SNAKES, which seens Nigel seeking out venomous serpents in Malaysia, India, Australia and Europe. A third season of TEN DEADLIEST is in post-production now.

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