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Roy Bolton

Roy is a 21st Century British Modern! His scholarly abilities along with a light touch have been exhibited beautifully in the new BBC 2’s “Show Me The Monet". TX May 2011. This series has broadened a previously niche subject into a genuinely entertaining and appealing show. He and his fellow judges have scoured the country in a search for undiscovered masterpieces, in art and sculpture.  The series twists and turns as the experts look at the work of the artists, professional and amateur, until only the best are selected for the final grand exhibition at the Royal College of Art where both Roy's and his fellow judges reputations hang in the balance as the public and experts alike decide whether they have picked merely impressions of fine art or real works of art.

His background as an auctioneer already gave him some presence in front of an audience but as the Head of Old Master & British Pictures at Christie's this was endorsed by his reputation as a primary authority and respected expert in his fields. Almost uniquely, he combines this experience and expertise with an eminent world wide reputation and his abilities as a reputable journalist and personable presenter. A distinguished academic with charm, presence and charisma - fine art personified.

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